How to make your brand successfully retain in a market?

There are so much brand in the market and there are more coming out everyday. So, how could you make your brand stay retain in a market and not being eliminated by your competitors?

1. Sell convenience.
Everyone like comfort and accessibility especially customers. It is important to find innovative ways to make your products and service available and easily accessible.

Look at McDonalds now! They continually upgrading their facility to ensure customer comfort. For example, in some outlet you can buy your meal at the machine and collect your meal at the pick up counter which is more convenience and systematic.

2. Get personal
Nowadays, it is not only about knowing your customers. You have to know your customers on a personal level by humanizing your brand which let your customer feel like they are relate and interact with it like it’s a person. For example, send them messages on their birthdays or emails to them start with their first names.

For your long-term customers, send them personalized and  branded materials to continually sustain their top-of-mind awareness. This can also inspire referrals to friends and family to experience your brand.

3. Implement customer feedback
It is important to collect feedback from your customer and it should be taken seriously. You have to try to implement as much feedback as you can for your business.

There are companies that really take feedback seriously like Nike. Nike created separate Twitter account, @NikieSupport just to answer their customer inquiries and issues. It is easier for customers to reach out and the company’s support staff are also quick to respond.