Events Marketing INTERN

Responsible to coodinate events and work close with the team, Must be hard working and able to work alone and think out from the box. Position require client servicing and liase with production. Must willing to travel and posses with transport.

Account Manager / Executive

Responsible to Develop New Clientele under Marketing Director Direction, Client Servicing, Able to create good Idea for Campaign or Blue Ocean Strategy, To Execute Planed Work , Coordinate Ground Work for Events or Space Planning. Applicant has to be Self Motivated with Passion in New Development or Campaign work, must willing to travel. Position with good incentive, Space to Maximize talent and oversea travel opportunity.

Creative 3D Graphic Designer

Responsible to Develop Good Design, Any Creative work to FA and must be think out of box person. Applicant Must be able to rush deadline job and creative orientated.Position with Space to Maximize talent and incentive trip.

To apply please contact & email your resume to evo@gdenpencil.com