What does the successful brand do for branding?

We know that branding is not easy but there are still many brands that are successful but What have they done to make their branding successful?

1. Really know their audience
Customers are your real boss. For the successful brand, they not only know about their customers but understand them. The successful brand completely understands their customers on an emotional level and this could help them to gain customer loyalty to their brand. Customer loyalty is an important factor for the brand to stay in the market and not easily get lost in a sea of marketing jargon.

2. Standing for Something
This does not mean that the brand has to support a political movement or voice out for an issue. It is just simply mean that a brand should have their own idea or ideal behind. For an example, Nike stands for determination. So, Nike always tells you to “Just Do It” and all of its marketing materials revolve around that idea.
It is good to bring out an idea for your brand as it brings out a strong image for the customers to remember. At the same time, you should clearly define what it stands for in its advertising, marketing, and public relations materials. If it stands for too many things, they will all get lost in the clutter.

3. The Ability to Pivot Quickly
A great brand must be nimble and sensitive to the change of the surrounding. It’s easy to move quickly and respond to the change when your brand is small but it will be a problem when your brands grow. It is hard for a bigger brand to change as the change may affect more things and there will be more issue comes out. But still, a large company could still maintain nimbly. They should thanks largely to a streamlined approval process, no micromanagement, and the implementation of social media.

4. Being Genuinely Interesting and Engaging
Why a brand need to be interesting? Aren’t we just have to focus on our products or services? NO. Although you work hard for your products or services, it is like nothing if no one got interested in it. A great brand doesn’t have to work overtime to get a consumer’s interest. A truly interesting brand will automatically get the consumer’s attention. You know this by looking at the following list on your social media. Those brand that you and I would follow is those who always show us something interesting. Having those interesting post not only to gain consumer’s attention but also able to engage with the consumers.