What kind of brand can capture people?

Besides the promotion you have done for your brand, do you think of the criteria that could help your brand capture people?

1. Be omnipresent
Brands have to be in all place to catch those fleeting moments of attention—even partially—of their consumers. Your created content has to spread to whatever platform that your audiences in order to reach them when they are ready to listen. Facebook, YouTube, TV and whatever new platform—it’s about being there during that three-minute wait for the subway or during the commercial break of a favourite TV show, except on Facebook because they decided to check their phone.

2. Serve, don’t control
As a brand, you have to serve your audience where there are and with what they want. You have no longer control your audiences. Customers don’t care if you are more convenience or could make more profit, they only care their own business and grab whatever they want at their moment of need.
For an example, if only sell your products on your own website and customers are searching your products on other platform but they can’t find it, they will just go to buy the next best thing.
As a brand, you have a responsibility to serve your customer on whatever platform they’re on, whether that’s purchasing or viewing.

3. Make engagement simple
You have to recognize that people nowadays are engaging with your brand in new ways and new formats as it will be easy for them to take action. You need to create opportunities for quick interactions that signal intent, like one-click opt-ins or feedback mechanisms. Not every interaction has to convert—nor can it—however, it’s through these moments of micro-engagement that customers begin to patch your message together.