Revolutionize Your Brands To another level


  • Brand Technology cross matching & Implementation
  • Brand Strategy & Brand Consultant 
  • Brand Positioning & Development
  • Marketing Strategies On Digital Development
  • Business Restructure Analysis / Enhancing Sales Revenue Strategy thru Technology

Creating Award Winning Brand Experience
Golden Pencil has realigned new marketing landscape that will impact consumer experience to the next level through Digital technology.

The introduction of ‘Brandtech’ will able to uplift the advertising landscape to another greater level.
Digital revolution has significantly changed consumer behavior and their purchasing experience in a recent generation.
With the integration of Brand & Technology, conventional companies will able to expose their products & services to offline communities, completely different level of interaction of brand exercise.

Our recent partnership with Alibaba Cloud and their services has enabled our clients to access Alibaba Big Data facilities thus empowering the Brand exercise resulting in a maximum Brand exposure globally. ‘BrandTech’ trademark & Copyrighted by Golden Pencil, will be a technology platform leverage for brand and marketing purposes. In near future, there will be more brand interaction via digital component becoming a trendy needs for companies as a primary form of marketing tools or platform.

‘BrandTech’ will be the new set of MarTech (Marketing Technologies) Golden Pencil are a consultancy firm that specialise in brand experience, emphasizing on implementation of marketing technology solution, a dynamic combination of digital technology & media design is the upcoming branding tool must have.

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